Sunday, November 25, 2007

Faux Day 25.

As penance for missing three days of NaBloPoMo, because I knew what was coming and I just didn't feel like writing anything, I am posting three Faux Day Entries that chronicle what I did those three days. Which was basically nap and eat turkey and cheddar sandwiches. But rules are rules, man. So here we go.

Faux Day 25

Tonight we took Moxie to my parents' house for the first time, to meet their two Bostons:

That's Bertie on the left, Herbie on the right. They are sort of....intense. Ok, not sort of, they're batshit crazy. But in a really cute way.

Herbie is a rescue and thus riddled with your typical Rescue Dog Issues. Every day, he strives to convince my parents that he really IS worth keeping, really! Which he's been doing for four years now. Bertie is just....Bert. He marches to the beat of his own drummer, and from what we can gather, said "drummer" might be a bit "Special Ed."

Anyways, the night went better than expected, Moxie was pretty freaked out until my mom and dad had successfully loaded her with turkey and Milkbones. Mojo, because he is my Best Log, just sort of wiggled around and thought it was pretty badass that he kept on getting fed, too. Herbie snubbed all the dogs and snuggled my mom all night, and Bert made the mistake of standing over Moxie to sniff her until she growled at him to Back The F Up. Did I mention he made this mistake about six times? Yeah. Special Ed.

Later on, we took all four dogs for a walk, and any prior animosity was forgotten, thanks to a mutual interest in deer poop, dog pee, and one anothers' butts. If only humans could resolve their issues so quickly - this world would be pretty frickin' sweet.

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