Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 19.

Fuck. Missed Day Nineteen. I won't make any more excuses for myself.......


Last night was spent in my hometown, with my doctor, who was giving the ol' lungs a listening, to find out why I've been coughing for three weeks. Three weeks. Srsly, it was getting ridiculous. During one of my disgusting, raspy, and loud coughing bouts (at
Alyssa's wedding, after I'd held it in for the 45-minute ceremony), my friend's boyfriend actually leaned over to her and whispered, in all seriousness: "Is Emily going to die?"

Well guess what, Kevin? I'm not going to die! I have a sinus infection. Awesome. At least I feel vindicated for sitting on my ass knitting dog sweaters and whining to Steve that I "just can't possibly work out."

Someone pass me my needles!


Sara said...

Pooooor you!

panajane said...

Ughhhh, I had my first sinus infection this year and it sucked walrus balls. Uhhhhh, Allegra D, tons of it helped me feel better. Also, antibiotics.

panajane said...

I forgot to say, I hope you get better quickly.

Sharyn said...

Sinus infections suck! But you know that now. I hope the drugz work their magic in a hurry. Feel better soon, honey.