Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 4.

Man, I didn't even make it to the inflatable doll stage of our Girls' Night Out last night. I hung in there for a good three hours, but then a combination of my cold and these shoes deciding to cut the circulation off of my feet ended up doing me in. And when I stepped outside of the situation I was in - while a group of particularly sleazy older men at the shitty Frat-Boy bar we were at ground (do you call it "grinded" in this situation?) their bodies against my friends and me - I realized that really, I am more content being at home, playing a fierce game of Dr. Mario with my Main Squeeze.

This is why when my friends and I play the "What Little Woman Would We Be" game (I'm not kidding, we've had this discussion at least 10 times), I still maintain that I'm mostly like Beth. Minus the extreme shyness, extreme kindness, bout with scarlet fever, and - I hope - untimely death.


Today's photo is the bride-to-be that we were toasting last night, looking resplendent in her tiara (which several men at one gay bar we were at kept on PLEADING with her to give to them), taking her first shot of the night with her special shot glass.



Tomorrow will be Monday, folks. I am just warning you now that tomorrow's entry will most likely be about work, or the gym, or grocery shopp.....zzzzzzz. If you choose to ignore me tomorrow, I totally understand where you're coming from.


panajane said...

Ignore you?! Noooooooooo!

emily said...

Aww, Panajane! It's good to know someone in South America has my back!

emily said...
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