Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 10.

I failed to mention in my faux Day 9 entry that I have a new crush.

In his most recent movie (which you really need to go and see), he is absolutely terrifying, and his creepy haircut doesn't help:

But in real life, Javier Bardem is a total Hottie McHottington:

RAWR. Let's just say, I had some sweet dreams last night.


This afternoon we took Steve's cousin, his fiance and some of her friends to The Garfield Park Conservatory. It was beautiful, as always. And sort of humid, you know. Also, I had to lay the smack down on a groomsman in a wedding party who asked us to move in a really snotty way. To move out of the background of a photo in a public place. I wasn't very nice. But he wasn't very nice, so I guess we ended with a detente of Mean-ness.

Oh, also, Steve pretended to throw me in the pond.

Notice how completely un-phased I am. That's what six years does to you, folks.


panajane said...

Javier Bardem is such a hottie. I saw a pic of him and Penelop CRuz canoodling and thus I have no chance (she is lovely).

My blogger isn't publishg and I feel as though the NaBloPoMo God is going to punish me.

6 YEARS?! Whoa.

Sharyn said...

Agreed on the real life Mr. Bardem. RAWWRRRR! I totally need to see No Country For Old Men, but I'm currently experiencing a shortage of experienced babysitters. Sigh.