Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 9.

Gah! I missed a day! On noes! Now I'm going to have to post twice in one day. Kill me.

I do have an actual excuse, though. Well, not really, but our Friday night was consumed with getting tickets to go see "No Country For Old Men" which was only playing at three theaters in all of Chicago, and when we got there, there were no seats so we all had to split up, and.....anyways, I guess this isn't really an excuse. More of a plea: Go see "No Country For Old Men." It was horrific and amazing


I did have an entry queued up for yesterday, though. Here it is:

Oh my. I bought a purse on eBay the other day, and unfortunately it is not the purse for me. I think I was blinded by the fact that I see Hayden Harnett bags on Anthropologie's website all the time, and I was blinded by the deal of this one and so I bought it. Not that there was anything wrong with the bag I was carrying. In fact, I absolutely love the bag I'm carrying right now. So anyways, I think I might try to make my first sale ever on eBay. I've never done it before, because even though word on the street is that I have good taste, deep down I have this fear that everyone's lying and I have no taste at all. So then I would make an eBay page, and noone would buy anything.

I never said I was rational.

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