Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 5.

Is it Day 5 already? Or, more fittingly: is it only Day 5?

Of note:

1. I am still sick. I am also tired of people saying that I'm not sick, thankyouverymuch. Just because my cold-ish symptoms and cough don't seem to show up until, oh, about six in the evening, doesn't mean they're not there. The only person who validated my condition was, hilariously, the resident homeless guy, when I was walking the dog/hacking my way down the block this evening.

"Gosh, you don't sound so good, hon."


2. In a ridiculous lapse of judgment, I set my Peapod delivery for tomorrow morning, between 6 and 8 a.m., because I didn't want to go to the store today, and they don't offer evening deliveries on Tuesdays. Most days, I'm not even awake before eight in the morning, and can barely talk until at least nine-fifteen. We'll have to see how this goes.

3. Heroes is confusing the hell out of me. Too many plot lines! A chick whose eyes bleed! I can't keep it all straight. After tonight's episode, my brain actually hurt. So I decided I'd unwind with the simplicity that is The Hills, because come on, a chimp could keep up with the plot lines of that series. But the feed from doesn't seem to be working, and I sort of want to die.

4. The only highlight of my Monday were these:

They're Borns (I don't know how to make the thing in the "O"). A woman at work gave them to me, because she had bought them for herself, but didn't like the wide fronts. She commented one day that I seem to wear alot of gnome-like shoes, and thought that these would be perfect for me. And they are.


Anonymous said...

Those are sooooo cute!

panajane said...

Those are awesome in the gnominess. Comfy too I imagine?

Jeffrey said...

you're adorable. thanks for commenting on flickr! i'm leaving for california this weekend! would you email me your phone number? i'm in chicago from 21 to 30. xx

Geeka said...

Hey there: if you are not getting any sickness symptoms until late in the day, that is usually the classic 'you have allergies but don't know it' scenario.

I highly recommend some claritin around lunchtime. Usually with the onslaught of rain and the leaves starting to fall, allergies start.