Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 3.

Hey folks, I can't talk for long because I'm off to a bachelorette party. I'm really excited about going. But that might just be because we plan on handcuffing an inflatable, genetically correct male doll to my friend Alyssa, and then throwing back a few while we play a game of ring toss (rings included with the doll).


Today's photo is a link to a photo, because everyone knows that the most fun part about photos from the What's In Your Bag Group are the notes that explain what each item is. I felt compelled to do my own WIYB today, because I spent a good hour or so in a sex shoppe (I feel like I need to add an extra "p" and an "e" to sex shop, you know, to make it classier), and ended up with a penis shot glass in my purse. When else will something like that be in my purse?

But it's sort of boring with no photo in this entry at all, so here's one of my friend Lauren, who turned 27 two days ago:

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

This is from our trip to our alma mater last winter. We made a side trip to Amishland in Tuscola, because come on, it's AMISHLAND.

The best part about this photo is that when I showed this photo to Lauren one night over drinks, she said, "Damn, I should have brought that corncob pipe to the bar tonight." Lauren is awesome.

Which is why I have to go handcuff an inflatable, well-hung doll to a friend of mine with Lauren tonight. Ta ta!

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