Friday, November 23, 2007

Faux Day 23.

As penance for missing three days of NaBloPoMo, because I knew what was coming and I just didn't feel like writing anything, I am posting three Faux Day Entries that chronicle what I did those three days. Which was basically nap and eat turkey and cheddar sandwiches. But rules are rules, man. So here we go.

Faux Day 23

Today went a little something like this:

10:30 A.M.: Woke up.

Noon: Laid down for a nap.

2:00 P.M.: Woke up from Nap 1. Ate a sandwich of leftover turkey with cheddar cheese.

2:45 P.M.: Laid down for a nap.

4:30 P.M.: Woke up from Nap 2. Took a long shower.

5:00 P.M.: After showering, laid down for a nap, wrapped in my bathrobe, with a towel on my head.

7:30 P.M.: Woke up from Nap 3 to my phone ringing - Steve asking if I want to go out for dinner. Got dressed, but because I slept for TWO AND A HALF HOURS WITH A TOWEL ON MY HEAD, a hat needed to be worn in the restaurant, throughout dinner.

9:00 P.M.: Got back from dinner, got into my pajamas, and probably fell asleep around 10.

Apparently, holiday vacations for me mean resorting to the same sleeping schedule I had when I was a newborn.

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