Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 27.

First of all, thanks to everyone who expressed their condolences over Babe. So sweet. It is precisely things like that that make me remember why I wanted to start a blog in the first place.



Things are pretty status quo here. Still sort of depressed about yesterday. Still coughing and hacking. Did I tell you I have a sinus infection? Because I do. I've had it for, oh, about FIVE WEEKS NOW. I just went through a week's worth of antibiotics that did jack shit, so tonight my doctor called me, and told me he's changing my medication, and if that doesn't get rid of the infection, he wants a CT scan of my sinuses. Awesome! Right in time for the holidays. Rad!


Hey guys, we're in the home stretch. Can you believe it? Boy, I can. These last few weeks of daily blogging have been like my own private Bataan Death March. Or maybe it just wasn't really a stellar month that I wanted to really document. Seriously, next year at this time, I can look back at these entries and be all, "Damn! November 2007 really fucking sucked!" I can't wait.

However, I'm no quitter. Actually, I'm
totally a quitter, but I've met several sweet folks through NaBloPoMo and this blog in general, so I soldiered on. I was feeling pretty bad about missing most of the end of last week, too, so I went ahead and made these:

Faux Day 23
Faux Day 24
Faux Day 25

I know it's cheating, but you know. Whatevs. It's not going by the NaBloPoMo Book surely. Not that anything like that exists.

Three more days, kids. Three more days.

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panajane said...

I'm all blogged out, seriously.

Next year I will think twice about NaBloPoMo and if I do it I will have a schedule of what I will blog about each day, cause this whole pulling shit out of thin air is growing old.