Saturday, November 24, 2007

Faux Day 24.

As penance for missing three days of NaBloPoMo, because I knew what was coming and I just didn't feel like writing anything, I am posting three Faux Day Entries that chronicle what I did those three days. Which was basically nap and eat turkey and cheddar sandwiches. But rules are rules, man. Here we go.

Faux Day 24

Today pretty much went the same route as
yesterday, except I decided to drag my ass to my friend's house for a Thanksgiving Leftovers Dinner. Too bad I've been eating ONLY Thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner the past two days; I probably would have been alot more interested in going to the party. But alas, for breakfast today I ate cold stuffing, that was clumped together and skewered with a fork. Like a stuffing popsicle.

So I didn't partake of the meal at my friend's house at all, but went for the company, and to catch up with my college friends while some of them were in town from school. I also worked the entire time on the matching dog sweaters I'm making for Mojo and Moxie. Ridiculously lame, I know, but come on a walk with my dogs and me in the winter, sometime. When we're halfway down the block and both dogs are yanking your arms backwards to go BACK THE WAY WE CAME, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, then you'll see why I like me some warm dog sweaters.

Two guys at the party scoffed at me because I was:

A) Knitting at a party, and
B) Knitting dog sweaters.

As I said above, I understand that both A and B are pretty lame. But I already knew that. I don't need anyone else reiterating what a loser I am.

So I did the most grown-up thing possible: I poked both people, hard, with my knitting needles.

That'll teach those guys to ridicule a hobby that involves sharp(ish) tools.

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