Monday, May 5, 2008

We meet again.

Internet! I'm so sorry I've been away. I actually haven't been away, really, it's just that most of my Internet time has been spent on my 365 project. Which I'm happy to report that I haven't given up on, even with my tendency to be wishy-washy, as well as a Quitter. No! I'm over a third of the way done, actually. My grand plan is to print all of the photographs out and put them in an album, along with the outtakes. Or at least some of the outtakes. Some of them are rather ridiculous. Anywho, so this album will be a sort of virtual diary of this past year. I'm pretty excited about it. I just need to find my memory card, get to a photo place, print the photos, buy an album....!!!! I guess I still have 240 days to get that started, so I'm not sweating it.

Anyways! Some things:

1. Changed the layout of this page, just because I was tired of the old one. However, this is rather shockingly pink. If anyone has any suggestions for making a page that's not sort of lame, that would be cool. One thing that really bugs me about Blogger is how all of the formats cut photos off on one of their sides.

2. I'm re-making my
clapotis. My first attempt at the clapotis did not end well, but this time around has gone pretty smoothly, so far:

I'm hoping to have it done before I leave for List Number 3.

3. Oh yeah: I'M LEAVING FOR SAN FRANCISCO IN A WEEK!! My friends and I are going to visit another friend who's at Berkeley. Girls only, so Steve needs to stay at home. He's totally despondent. But I need this vacation, man. Time to unwind, be away from responsibilities, get some good Girl Time in....yes. I'm very excited.

4. I went to a beginning sewing class on Saturday, at this
adorable basement shop in Bucktown. In four hours, they taught us a hell of a lot of stuff, and I ended up with a great pillow at the end:

So now, I want to sew EVERYTHING. A little birdie told me that
this is a very good book for beginners like me. Amazon's already got my cash.

5. I've been spending the last few months green-ing my apartment. Yes, all of the hype in the news was sufficient enough to scare me into
replacing all of my cleaning products, throwing reusable bags into my purse, not using paper's costing me a frickin' FORTUNE to do it, but I figure a little expense now for a better environment for those kids I allegedly plan on having? Sign me up.


So that's it for me. Internet, I still love you, and look at everyone else's blogs every day. I promise to be a better little blogger.....but maybe not until I get back from San Francisco.