Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 17.

Gah! Late to the Day Seventeen draw, too. I'm sorry. I was too engrossed in the battle for Middle Earth.

Today we went and picked up Moxie, our 8-pound piebald dachshund. We went to meet up with the organization that we adopted her from, Midwest Dachshund Rescue, at Jim Morgan's Chicago Canine Academy. Damn, that man is amazing with dogs. Moxie shows aggression to people she first meets, and did that to Jim, and he swept her up, held her by the scruff of the neck, and used her as an example of how one way to establish that you are Boss is by holding smaller dogs like their mothers would. Damn. OF COURSE!

Anyways, we've been settling in. We met the cat:

(The open tumor sores are a little too enticing for Moxie to lick, so we're going to have to watch her around Babe.)

And after an evening of all hanging out, the kids passed out from all the excitement of the day:

Yes, I have a dachshund throw pillow. It was a gift, ok?

Moj, my (now seems very) big boy, wins for most precious Caught-Mid-Sleep-Shot:

We'll see how this all goes. Right now, it seems fine, but that could just be the newness of it all. Keep your fingers crossed.


Sara said...

Glad everyone's getting along. That last photo is insane.

panajane said...

Is Mojo feeling a bit jealous? He looks ginormous compared to the little piebald one. I want a piebald anything.