Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 18.

Whew, made it just in time. Twenty-two minutes left of Day Eighteen. This NaBloPoMo is pretty grueling. I feel like I'm treating it like I treated high school and college: doing everything half-ass, at the last minute. I seemed to make it through both, though, so my mediocrity must be doing something right.


Today was pretty lazy, which is exactly what the new dog needed. I got a little stir crazy, so around one I went out to run some errands, and apparently there was much crying and scratching at the door, followed by an intense moping session:

Sheesh. I was only gone for like an hour. It's just going to take Moxie time to adjust to having her world all shaken up, and I think Mojo can sense her worry, so gets worried himself because he doesn't know what the flip the problem
is. But it's cool, it's only the second day. I'd say we're doing pretty swell, all things considered. Meeting people is sort of a pain though. The neighbor downstairs met her, and Moxie sort of tried to bite her hand off. So, umm, we're going to continue going to obedience classes.

We had our friend Pat over for dinner, though, and once we got beyond the first few minutes (and by bribing with some treats), she seemed ok. Later on, we left to go see Pat's band, and there was a bit of crumbling as we left, and intense happiness when we got home. I'm sure a work week will make it a little better.
I think she's doing really well, though, especially for a dog that spent the first two-and-a-half years of her life crated up and forgotten.


Ok, I have to go to bed. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, because hey! Guess what? Still sick. Three weeks now, for chrissakes! My mom was fussing and fretting over me when I was at home, and I felt so guilty for making her worry like that. So I'm partly going to the doctor for her. Also, I just want to make double-sure that I don't have the killer cold-virus variant. Not like that has me up at night worrying or anything.


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