Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 20.

So I came home from work this evening to this:

That's Moxie, admiring the Moxie-sized hole she made in the baby gate. FYI, she's supposed to be on the other side of this baby gate.


It's T-minus 1.2 days until Thanksgiving. I have a sweet potato casserole I need to make. I have zero ingredients bought for this task. I have a sinus infection. My new dog is bat-shit insane, and does things like eat through
plastic. I'm taking this Levoquin antibiotic and hey, guess what? I feel like I'm typing this in zero gravity.

Awesome! Happy Holidays!


Patti said...

Nice work, Moxie! Once, back when I used to crate Daisy, I thought it might be nice for her to hang out in the bathroom instead of the crate for a day. I came home to a bathroom door with a hole in it about 6 inches in diameter.

My dog is much less crazy these days, thank jebus.

Sharyn said...

Wow, that is impressive. Moxie should get together with our Freddy. Oh, the humanity.

panajane said...

Oh that Moxie sure has MOXIE! Guffaw! Anyways, you'll be feeling better before you know it. I'm not celebrating Fangsgiving this year, and I already miss the turkey, turkey sandwhiches, turkey everything.