Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 28.

Tonight, my sister's family came over for pizza, and we started putting up some of my Christmas decorations.

I live in a tiny apartment, and have enough Christmas decorations for at
least a 4-bedroom home. People who come into my apartment in December usually mutter something under their breath when they think I can't hear, usually along the lines of "Lampoon..."

No part of my Crazy Christmas Collection is quite as bizarre, though, as the manger scene that I inherited from my grandmother. It started out pretty straightforward, you know, but then people kept on buying her more pieces, and I think she felt obligated to put it all out at once. Because, you see, my family prides itself in having mastered the delicate art of how to lay on the most effective Guilt Trip, even about stupid crap like figures from a manger scene.

So I give you:

The Manger: Reloaded.

Feel the Power.

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