Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 1.

Well, here we go. The first day of NaBloPoMo. We'll see how long I stick to this. Six years ago, I would have been alot more pessimistic, but hey! I've kept a reasonably-healthy relationship for the past six years! And I've only tried to break it off about ten times! I can do this! Come at me, NaBloPoMo!


I have a cold. Up until last night it was just in my nose and sinus-area, but last night it creeped into my chest. I have to say that I feel some vindication, now that I have this raspy cough, because anyone close to me will tell you that I tend to Cry Wolf about being sick. Umm, alot. I chalk this up to having Fantastic Health Genes, that fight off most sicknesses by just making me feel a little run down for a few days. Steve chalks this up to my Crazy. However, even he can't deny that I'm sick, when I hack up a phlegmy wad, and then spit it his way when he beats me at a particularly cutthroat bout of Dr. Mario. See? Vindication!

This cold, I've found, is one of those that makes everything smell Not Like What It Should. For instance, I've been smelling fried dough alot. I don't think that I've been in many places where actual fried dough would be located, though. Also, I can't say that I mind my world smelling like fried dough, either. Like yesterday afternoon, when the elevator smelled like fried dough mixed with Clean Boy Smell. Usually the elevator smells like the cheap, overwhelming perfume that seems to be the stink of choice for the pregnant teenagers I usually ride the elevators with. So this change to Fried Dough/Clean Boy Smell was heaven. I rode the elevator up a few extra floors, just to bask in it. If there really is a man in the hospital who smells like that......whoa.

How do I explain to Steve that I would like him to always smell like he just took a a shower that was conveniently located in a Dunkin' Donuts? Hmm.


I'm going to post a photo a day, too. It's November, it's gloomy, we have to inspire ourselves in several different ways.

However, because of the afore-mentioned cold, I've been going home at lunch to sleep, so I don't have a photo that I took today to share. But I do have this one of my Man and me forcing our Dog to wear Crap He Hates from a couple of days ago. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Yay for you hocking a vindication loogee! And for making dogs wear Crap He Hates!

Sara said...


giddy said...

ha ha -- that's an awesome picture!

- Mia