Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Just an FYI.

While it's not a good idea to pick a fight that escalates into such a rager that your boyfriend throws two perfectly good loaves of bread into the trash can, in complete and utter exasperation over your asinine behavior.....

.....it is fun, the day after the fight (and after you've made up), at dinner time, to dance around the kitchen saying things to said boyfried such as: "Oh! Gosh, I'd really love a grilled cheese right now.....oh, that's right, we lost all the bread in the Fiery Loaf Rage of Ought Seven."

Just sayin'.

Oh, man.

I signed up for this today:

I want to see if I can really do it. I can't commit to anything. I am wishy-washy. To put it more frankly, I would rather play Dr. Mario than commit my innermost feelings to my blog. That said, there are so many lovely people on the Internets. Also,
Bev is like one of my personal heroes, and she's been writing EVERY DAY for something like 7 years. Seriously, every day I read the Chicago Tribune online, CNN, and then I read Bev. So Bev, I'm dedicating my NaBloPoMo participation to you. If I fail and fall off the NaBloPoMo bandwagon, the next time I am in the Davis area* I will buy you a cup of Peet's coffee.

*Which, you know, is sort of a hike from Chicago, so I better not F*** this NaBloPoMo thing up.


The Halloween Party was a gas. Thanks to everyone who came. Except Cene, whose Carrot Top costume is going to be at the center all of my nightmares FOR THE NEXT YEAR, AT LEAST. Thanks for nothing, man.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Charge 'er up.

Today, as we left the apartment, Homeless Guy Next Door was plugging his phone charger into the outdoor plug on the house, right next to my door.

"Oh, it's ok," he said, "[My landlord] knows that I do this."

Steve and I just sort of nodded and walked away.

Steve verbalized what we were both thinking once we got in the car, which is that we could care less that Homeless Guy is using the electricity that, through a (wonderful) fluke, we don't even pay for. What's more interesting about this situation is that he has a cell phone. Am I out of the loop? Do most homeless people have cell phones? Cellphones that need to be charged? Using an electrical outlet, which would be located.....in a home?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

City living.

So the Homeless Guy that sometimes lives on the steps of the house next door (I've mentioned him before, but I'm too tired to go in the Blog Way Back Machine and find that entry and link it - I have reached a new level of lazy) has been lurking around for seriously like two weeks. TWO WEEKS. Everytime I let the dog out to pee, he's there. Everytime I come to and from work (which totals four times a day, I go home for lunch), he's there. Now, I'm into the random pleasantry now and then, but it just gets to be a bit much EVERY SINGLE TIME I LEAVE MY APARTMENT.

So he's nice, sure, and he tries to be helpful to the neighbors when he can, but I think everyone's patience is wearing a little thin. Take the guy across the street, who was carrying an entire washing machine into his gangway the other day. When Homeless Man tottered over to say he'd help, the guy turned on him and said, "I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP. DO NOT FOLLOW ME INTO THIS GANGWAY."

Ok, so what am I really pissed about? Homeless man has begun to comment on my parallel parking abilities. Now, I'm not the best parker in the world, but I'm certainly not the worst on this block. There's a girl with a green Honda CR-V that I've raged about on this blog before whose waaaay worse (again, too lazy to link to my rant about her and the Post-It note I almost left on her windshield but then felt too guilty). Also, Steve and I have gone through, seriously, like ten tires in the last two months. We are down on our Tire Luck. So if I'm parked a little far from the curb, hey, so be it. I'm saving some cash in the meantime.

But today? Today he reached a new low. He was sitting there, blitzed on his usual 40 of Icehouse at 5 p.m., and he's sitting there, contemplating why I'm parked so far away from the curb.

"I don't get it. You had so much room in the back."

"I could have helped you get in."

"You just needed to cut it a little closer."

"You know, maybe you're just a bad parker."


The last one threw me over the edge. I mumbled something like, "Yeah, well, you know," and then I mumbled, "ya fucking douche" to myself as I unlocked the door.

I guess my parents did raise me right, because I was able to hold myself back from screaming what I really wanted to say, which was "DUDE, YOU'RE FUCKING HOMELESS, YOU DON'T LIVE IN A HOME. YOU SIT ON THE STEPS OF SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE ALL DAY DRINKING THE SHITTIEST BEER EVER. DON'T FUCKING CRITIQUE MY PARALLEL PARKING, HOMELESS MAN."

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Internet, I've been ignoring you, like a big, fat jerk. I apologize. Life has been one big wad of Mundaneness that has only been spiked by a few un-mundane things, and I didn't want to bother you with all that.

But, but! Last weekend I went to Napa Valley for a wedding. It was pretty kickass. Steve's uncle is a sommelier, and writes freelance articles around the Chicago area, so he had the "Ins." So now I have to work
"I spent a weekend in a house nestled in a chardonnay field" into EVERY conversation I have for the next year or so.


Let's see...what else...Babe's tumor is still growing rapidly, just like the vet warned. However, she's in a FANTASTIC mood, because she gets to eat whatever she wants. Tuna, various canned kittie food...it's a veritable Terminal Cancer Free-for-All. Which is ok. Let her enjoy it.

Last night, she layed down facing me, and we traded face nuzzles for a couple of minutes. I would nuzzle her nose with my nose, she'd do it back. I'm doing my best not to let any sadness creep in when we have those moments, and just enjoy what a sweetheart she is.


I'm thinking of doing a massive overhaul of my apartment this season. You know, maybe paint the walls something other than white, maybe hang something, possibly get curtains that actually fit....hoo-ee, the possibilities. Although home decorating is going to cut waaay into my 2.5 alotted hours of
DS time, I guess I can make the sacrifice.


Finally: it's October. Halloween. Woo! I'm pretty sure my costume is going to rock this year. May not be as cool as the year I went as a Notary Public, but it will be up there.