Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 7.

Sad Realization Made At Laundromat While Pulling Clothes From The Dryer Tonight:

I will never get picked up by a guy at a laundromat, like you sometimes see in commercials, or, for that matter, even get scoped out, due to my overwhelming amount of Granny Panties.


Today's photo is from my noon walk with Moj and the downstairs puppies. Mojo is trying to keep BamBam (the little black puppy) from eating his face off. Bothering Mojo seems to be BamBam's favorite game, because apparently making a dog growl at you on purpose is JUST!! SO!! MUCH! FUN!!*

(*I bet puppies probably do all of their thinking in caps, with lots of exclamation points. Then, once they've grown into adult dogs, it's just! Exclamation! Points!)


I have to admit, I think I watched an episode of Ken Burns' "The War" tonight just so I could have a good cry. A good cry, from watching old men (that remind me of my two grandfathers, who've both been gone awhile) remember their experiences as boys, waging a war. A war that actually meant something, that actually had a purpose.

It seems so inconceivable, nowadays.


Anonymous said...

I bet you are absolutely right! About! the exclamation points! LOL

panajane said...

You know that granny panties are the new boy shorts. So IN. Anyways, I used to be a thong girl, but then got a live in boyfriend and suddenly granny panties are it. Its a sign of maturity, a sign of comfort, or maybe just a sign of letting myself go.