Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 11.

Oh, Internet. I didn't want to jinx it earlier, but we are signing the papers on Saturday, so I guess it's a done deal.

We're adopting. Umm...not a child. Another dog.

She's a little, 8-pound piebald dachshund (I guess piebald is the name for that type of coloring). I'm not saying her name yet, because we might change it. She has a little bit of problems with initial interactions with people, but she seemed to like us, and even nudged Moj a couple of times to get him to play with her. I'm nervous for Moj, because he's my Little Man/Best Dog/Best Log. He's pretty good with other dogs, even incredibly excited puppies, but I'm worried about how he'll be once he realizes that this one is here to stay. He'll probably feel sort of how my sister did when I came along. Let's just hope Mojo doesn't spray this little girl in the eyes with Windex like my sister did.*

*True story. But I came out alright, albeit with poor eyesight, and now my sister and I are the best of friends.


For their last day in Chicago, Steve and I met up with his cousin and we all went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was great. All the animals were out and about, doing very token animal-ish things. Like this:

Come on, how many times does the lion climb to the highest point in his enclosure and roar??

Umm, I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't mention going to the zoo for my own
personal benefit. I am so transparent.


Do any of you fine folks have any advice for selling stuff on eBay? I've never sold, and I want to sell back the purse I shouldn't have bought, but I'm a little nervous. Give me some tips!


Sara said...

New doggie yay!! There's got to be some beagle in her, no?

emily said...

Sara - there could be. Her snout is really small. This pic doesn't do her justice, though. She looks alot bigger than she actually is. She's only 8 pounds and about 15" long! She's just a little thing. However, her personality is pretty big....!!

Sharyn said...

Oh man. Cute overload. Next time we head down to Chicago, the kid isn't going to want to leave your apartment EVER.

panajane said...

Awwwwww, she is adorable! I had never seen a dachsund in that color,, its very pretty! Man, I have total puppy-getting envy. Next year I will be living in a house and maybe I'll be allowed to have a puppy or something. I would be happy to have a rabbit or some type of mammalian species. Even a groundhog.

emily said...

Sharyn - OMG, come whenever.

Panajane - Ha! Steve really wanted a rabbit at one point, but we have no idea how to take care of one, and dachshunds were sort of bred to hunt little critters, soo...

Oh, and this little miss isn't a puppy. She's 2 1/2. Which is still young, but I draw the line at 2. I'm terrible with puppies! I'm too soft!