Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 26.

So I fell off the NaBloPoMo bandwagon. Thanksgiving was wonderful, but the weekend really went downhill from there.

Today, I had a vet come to my apartment to put Babe down.

She hadn't been doing well, and it was the best thing. But my heart still hurts.

Thanks to the digital age we live in, I have way more photos of Babe than I would have had if I'd had to get film processed. Click on the photo below for Babe's very own Flickr photoset.

I miss her.


Sharyn said...

Oh honey. I wish I lived closer so I could give you a hug.

Sara said...

Oh, Emily, I'm so sorry to hear this. She was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Emily, I'm so sorry for your loss. :( *pats your arm*

panajane said...

Aw Em I'm so so sorry. She looked like she was a sweet girl.