Thursday, February 1, 2007

I stand corrected, etc.

Update: I came home from work on the day of my fiery entry about the green CR-V whose owner can’t parallel park, only to find that the culprit had, yet again, parked nine feet from the curb. This time it looked like she had just pulled into the spot head-on. Well, I was tired/hungry/in a fightin’ mood, so I went upstairs, went to my desk, took out a Post-it note and angrily scrawled:

“Dear Green CR-V:

Stop parking 3 feet from the curb. Learn how to parallel park.


OOOOOOH. So nasty. It was SO ON. Anyways, I suited Mojo up for a walk and took off outside.

Too bad that 6:30 p.m. on my block turned out to be prime Hang Out and Be Noticed time. There were people everywhere. People getting picked up, people walking by….and right as I was crossing the street to get nearer to the CR-V to place my Dastardly Note, the owner of the CR-V came running down the block. I’m not sure what she was running from, but she was running at the dog and me, so of course Mojo went berserk. And she looked down at him and said, “Puppy, puppy, you are so fierce!” She put out her hand for him, Mojo wagged his tail and sniffed her shoe, and she ran into her house.

I crumpled up my note and stuck it in my pocket. Maybe my mom was right about Nice People not leaving notes. And, well, I GUESS you could be a shitty driver but still be a nice person. Plus, she likes my dog. Anyone who likes my dog is ok with me.

I will shut up about the Green CR-V from now on.


So, for those of you who don’t frequent my Flickr account, here’s me in my new specs:

Click on the photo to get a gander at the pointy chin that I inherited from my mother that I'm hiding in this picture. I really feel for Jay Leno.

Anywho, I’ve been getting pretty rave reviews on the specs, so far. And, well, even if I didn’t, I think I would still love them, because I love orange, and I enjoy being able to actually see out of my glasses. Bonus on top of bonus!


Some other things:

1) My DS Lite came! Hurrah! It's so small! And sleek! And the picture is so crisp!

Marn is back from a brief hiatus due to a death in the family. I’m so happy to see her blogging again. She was one of the first bloggers I ever read, and I enjoy reading about the goings-on of a couple in their hand-made cabin in the wilderness of Canada. Go say hello.

3) My friend
Kieran just made a website, and, although there's not much to it yet, I think you will agree that it is fabulous.

4) My personalized Google How-To of the day was
“How to Be Organized." I’m excited for this one, because I really trust wikiHow’s How To’s. I mean, they showed me How to Deal with Abusive Street Teens, and how to Transform My Dollhouse into a Faerie Dollhouse, both of which I thought I’d NEVER master. I trust wikiHow with my life.

5) Steve showed me some of the shots of Daniel Radcliffe posing nude that has sparked a media storm, such as this:

As he was showing them to me, he kept saying things such as:

“He’s too skinny.”
“He has a strange-shaped head.”
“Look at how wide his
treasure trail is!! It's freakish!”

To which I responded with:

“Umm, could you scroll down to the next picture, please?"

Then I drooled a little bit on Steve’s shoulder, and asked him if he’d fancy a trip to London to see Radcliffe's play. Fine. I think Harry Potter is a Hottie-Hot McHottington. I admit it. I’m ok with it. So there.

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Neil said...

As a fan of cool glasses, those are expecially rad.