Friday, February 23, 2007

Saturday night lists. Like Friday night lists, only more Saturdayish.

How has everyones' weekends been so far? Mine - pretty good.

1. Friday I went running for the first time in over a year, with my friend Pat. I almost died, but hey! I didn't. So I take that as a good sign, and once this ice-y rain/snow mix that's falling right now goes away (I just saw lightning. Lightning! In February!), I think I might try running again.

2. My mother, sister and I went and saw this performance by the Joffrey Ballet this afternoon. Damn, was it amazing. The last piece, "The Green Table," is an anti-war statement that was created between the two World Wars, and at first I hated it, and by the end I was totally shocked at how it pretty much summed up all of my feelings of what's going on in our world right now. And it was ballet! Ballet! Ballet doesn't usually stick with me - I'll be honest, I'm a season member of the Joffrey, and this is the first performance this year where I've made it through the whole dance without dozing off in the second act. Today, though, ballet knocked my socks right off.

3. Sharyn has definitely confirmed that she's coming to Chicago in the spring to see the Arcade Fire. And we're going to meet! This is the first time I will have met someone I talk to on the Internet in real life. I hope she's not disappointed to find that all of those times when I've confided to the Internet that I think I'm lame is, because, I truly am that lame.

4. Today was a big day for this lady. Her EP came out today! She and i stumbled into each others' lives in a pretty bizarre way, and we've never met in person, but I know her just enough to know that she's worked really hard on this. Check out some of her music at her main site or her MySpace page, and if you like it, show your support.

5. Because I'm too cold/tired/generally lazy to go shopping at an actual store, I've been cyber-windowshopping a bunch of websites. I've decided that I pretty much love all of this woman's stuff. I think I might need to have Dolly Parton hanging around my neck. Also, why does this stupid store have to have so many cute handbags that I can't have because they're about $500 a piece? Stupid Anthropologie.


Time for sleep. Tomorrow I'm off to the Museum of Science and Industry to see Body Worlds. I saw Part One when it was in Chicago, and I have to say that I wasn't blown away by it. I'm not incredibly science-oriented, so I think it was hard to actually believe that those bodies were real. Also, there was the whole anti-smoking statement. We get it, Dr. von Hagens, we get it. Smoking is bad. Thank you for reminding us by showing black lungs almost exclusively. Blech. I wouldn't mind seeing nice, white lungs on some of the bodies that resemble those in people like me....those who took a few puffs behind Kate's garage in seventh grade, and smoked a few cloves during their Hipster stage. That would be nice.

Goodnight, Internet!


Sharyn said...

Ha, Saturday night must have been the hot time for surfing the Anthropologie site. After the little man went to bed I was poking around their sale sections, looking to see if there were any cute ultra-clearance items. No dice. Instead I wound up dropping $100 over at Lands End on new double-kneed pants and the like for the lad. Yeah, I've got my priorities straight, but it's not very exciting.

jeff said...

smoking is eeevviil