Sunday, February 25, 2007

Brush with fame.

My brain is totally fried from sitting in front of the television set watching the Academy Awards. I don't know why I enjoy watching a big group of people with salaries I couldn't even imagine as well as bodies I could never even hope to attain get accolades for fulfilling their dreams, while I sit on my ass, drinking orange juice and trying to get the dog to stop licking the bottom of my foot because he wants attention. But I do.

Hey! Guess what? As my friends and I were going through the Body Worlds 2 exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry this afternoon, there was a guy running after his kid who looked vaguely familiar, and I realized that it was John Herndon from Tortoise. I had a brush with fame! I was looking at plastinated bodies with a famous musician. This was almost just like when I ran into Joe Perry of Aerosmith with his family at the Brookfield Zoo when I was in seventh grade. Umm, but minus the
actual stepping on the feet of Joe Perry, because I was looking at the pygmy hippo and not him, and the subsequent dirty look that I got. Still. Wow.

And now - to bed.

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