Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It's Tuesday, I'm tired, and it's really, really cold, so first I have to bitch, just a little, at these few things:

1) The chick that lives on my block who drives the Green Honda CR-V, which she conveniently parks three feet from the curb. At first I thought that she was just a moron that can't parallel park, but then! Then! One day I was spying on her from my window, and she pulled up to her apartment, parked her car in the middle of the DOUBLE-WIDE street with no blinkers on, and ran inside for about 15 minutes. 15 minutes! I am very compelled to write her a Note telling her how much I despise her piss-poor and extremely rude parking habits, despite what my mom says about Nice People Not Leaving Notes.

2) Hair static. I've pretty much spent this entire winter looking like I'm touching one of those electric ball thing-ys at the science museum.

3) Pretzel heartburn. Those rods aren't sittin' too well.

There. I'm done. Really I was just mad at Number 1, and it is because of Number 1 that Numbers 2 and 3 are annoying me right now. So I will forget about it and get happy, already.

Other, non-pissy things:

1) I spent most of my weekend inside my apartment. So much so that I was telling
Sharyn that I think Mojo and Babe started getting tired of me. You know you’ve reached a new low in anti-socialness when the animals that are supposed to love you unconditionally get tired of you.

2) Steve and I beat the System and found a White Pearl DS Lite on Amazon for me. Every store on God’s Green Earth has been out of them since Christmas, with no mention of when they might come in. My new toy should be coming in the mail today. It can’t come at a better time, either, seeing as how in the month or so since I assumed Steve’s old DS, I have:

a) Dropped it on the ground so that the upper screen is half broken off; and,
b) Lost not one, but two styluses (styli?)

He's convinced that I'm going to treat this new one much better than his old one. Damn boyfriend knows me too well, I'm afraid.

3) Steve and I started watching Season One of "Twin Peaks." The first episode I really enjoyed. I enjoyed the second as well, though the dream sequence at the end freaked me out more than I would like to admit to you, Internet. I’ve never seen “Twin Peaks” before, because when it actually aired, my parents would say, “Go upstairs” when it came on. Probably a wise move, if it creeped me out in 2007. Steve and I are also trying to find a spare 3.5 hours to go see David Lynch’s new mindf**k, “Inland Empire.” Three and a half hours! It better be good, because I have to say that I didn't care for "Mulholland Drive." I actually don't know any chicks that liked that movie, but several boys who thought it was awesome, which I think is just because there was girl-on-girl action.

Moving on!

4) I got new glasses yesterday. It was quite exciting, because I could barely see out of my scratched glasses. They were all banged up due to a UV coating that started flaking off 2.5 seconds after I got them, and also because I'm a shitty glasses owner. Case in point: last Friday we were searching around frantically in the morning trying to find my glasses, which I had fallen asleep wearing, that were conveniently wedged between the mattress and the wall.

I went a little wild with my frames
. Yes, they're yellow. It all stemmed from a pair of yellow glasses I tried on a while ago that I absolutely loved, and I had my heart set on that color. I think the b.f. might be secretly hating them....or maybe not-so-secretly hating them, because a few quips about Elton John did escape his lips. Pictures will follow when I get more used to my own face with them on.

5) Last, but certainly not least,
finding magic daily is a new Flickr group started by .Catina Jane Arts . I think it’s a good way to try and look at the things around you in a different light. You know, to get away from the “Oh My God Every Day Is The Same And If I Have To Look At This Thing That I See Every Damn Day One More Time, I Swear To God I’m Going To Throw It Out The Window” mode of thinking that I know I myself am usually in. Which is probably why I buy alot of stuff.

And with that, I'm out.

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Sharyn said...

Hate that UV coating crap (I've never had good luck with it) but love the yellow frames! My ex not-so-secretly hates my green frames. He's pretty softspoken and keeps his thoughts to himself, but when he first saw my glasses he said, out loud, "oh my god, those are so ugly!" Pff.