Sunday, November 9, 2008


Holy geez:

We've reached a whole new level of dorky dog ownership.

Moxie cannot stand the cold. She either spends winter sitting in front of the heater, lying on top of me (or under a blanket that's on top of me), or doing her FAVORITE thing: being carried around in my shirt.

So this is a Ru Sack recommended to me by the people that I adopted Moxie from, Midwest Dachshund Rescue. I got it for 1/2 off because the pink-butterflies-on-pink wasn't exactly flying off the shelves, if you catch my drift. But I think I can do something crafty to cover up the pink.

She's been in it since I got home. And on the weekends when I'm doing housework, this is going to beat the hell out of having to tuck the bottom of my sweatshirt into the top of my pants and carrying her around that way.


giddy girlie said...

Ruckus would LOVE one of these.

yeahdog said...


Dan and I have discussed going over to the dark side and getting a small dog a couple times - he has a real fondness for pugs, and I think mini-greyhounds look like little dinosaurs. Maybe if that happens we'll be getting silly bags for them too.