Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today, while driving to work, a big ol' fat pigeon was walking across the road. Walking. At a quick pace, all, "Dude, I have got to get out of this street!"

That's the thing, though. He just....walked. So I waited for him to cross, because I have a secret love for pigeons. Yeah, yeah, rats with wings, blahblahblah. They're still fat and cute, and some of them have the most amazing feather colors. I also used to love it when my cat would be driven bat-shit crazy by the cooing pigeons in the gutters of the house next door.


So I was all, "Oh, the poor thing. He can't fly." And I patiently waited until he crossed. Except that once he crossed, and was safely on the sidewalk, he took off flying. He could have flown right from the bat, and been safe, but instead he chose the more complicated option of defying Death by Car Smoosh and
walking across the street.

Then I almost got into a car accident due to Deep Thought, because that damn pigeon reminded me exactly of me. Do it that way? Nah, I'd prefer to not take your advice, or see what's probably best for me, and instead take this 'roundabout, complicated, convoluted way. Ok, thanks!

Man. We better lighten up this entry with a little PigeonKam.


Sharyn said...

Ha! And I just posted about a lot of people talking about pigeons A LOT lately. Curious.

emily said...

Oh my God - what if they're evolving? They'll take over the Earth!

Betsy said...

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Thanks, Betsy