Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fever n' Ague?

Ok, so, apparently I am dying of some Unknown Ailment.

The day after we got home from
Cable, I was putzing around my house, and at some point, I thought, "Gee, I'm pretty hot." But it wasn't in a normal way. Took my temperature - had a fever. What now? I'd been feeling fine. I felt fine enough to go into work Monday, but then for the last three days it's been hard for me to fall asleep at night. Lots of tossing, turning, and dreams about highschool math class*.

THEN last night happened. I was up from 10 until 2 with "the itchies." EVERYWHERE. For some unclear reason (delirium?) I still came to work, where I continue to be itchy, and my co-workers (all former nurses - bless them) are pretty sure there's a fine rash over about 80% of my person. They took my temperature, and I'm running a fever again, and......well anyways, I'm going to see the doctor at 3:30.

I am trying to stay upbeat and think that it's just a little summer allergic reaction-y thing, but the completely irrational part of me (read: MOST OF ME) thinks I picked up some crazy disease up north. Like, something that only robust Wisconsin-ers can handle, that my fragile Chicago constitution cannot. The overwhelming amount of ticks that were in our cabin and ON US (though none actually embedded themselves) is certainly on my mind, too....



And here's the reason that I have to get better in approx. 2 days:

Steve and I are going to see a taping of
A Prairie Home Companion at Ravinia this Saturday. To put it plainly (and in caps): GARRISON KEILLOR AND I WILL A MERE FEW YARDS FROM ONE ANOTHER. Isn't that exciting?

So I need to be miraculously cured, and fast.

*My High School Math Class dream is always the same: I am trudging to class, then I realize I don't want to go, so I ditch it. For some reason, I'm always aware in the dream that I have actually graduated from high school, so I'm even more jubilant about shirking my math class because I know I'm not really doing anything wrong. So really, I think this is probably my Most Favorite math AND no guilt for breaking the rules.


Sharyn said...

Oh man, are you all right? That sounds miserable!

One time I had this super random but really awful allergic reaction to, well, all of nature (just from walking around my inner city neighborhood) in the Spring, and my eyes swelled shut so that I looked just like Yoda.

Sharyn said...

Also, I am frequently less than a few yards from Mr. Keillor - when we're in the same line at my co-op. He's actually quite tall.