Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grumble grumble grumble....

I am in a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad mood today. Which is in noooo way related to my man's complete ineptitude at being anything other than a grumbly Turd every workday morning. No, not at all.


Also, I'm feeling Funny and Vulnerable about sending out an invitation this morning for a Tupperware-ish party at my apartment at the end of June. It's actually for
The Body Shop, and it's a foot care party where we'll try on a bunch of scrubs and creams and stuff, which are actually wonderful and work really well, even on my cavewomanish, calloused feet. I love the stuff, but I still feel like I'm forcing my female friends to buy just by inviting them, which is a position I never want to put anyone in.

This is why I am sure that Sales would never have been a good career path for me, because I can't sell stuff for shit:

"Oh, are you interested in that? Well, yes, it is nice. But no pressure to buy it or anything. I mean, only you can say if you really need it.....so do you really think you need it? I mean, if you don't think you do, you know, you could instead take the money and do something more productive with it, like, for instance, donate it to a local charity! Don't you think that'd be more productive? I think so, too."


I also have Biker's Butt Soreness from riding my bike to and from work yesterday (which actually involves two trips to work and two trips home, since I walk my dog at lunch). And I had to peddle fast during the first trip to work, because I had planned to drive, but the car keys were missing (they ended up being in a drawer where NOTHING GOES. EVER). My boyfriend didn't have anything to do with that harrowing morning, either. Noooo, nothing to do with it at all....


So because I'm all disgruntled and annoyed, I keep on shutting my brain and imagining myself back on the shores of Lake Superior, picking up sea glass.

I also keep looking at this photo of my Man, because it reminds me why I'm with him and what a peaceful, grateful person he really is. Oh, and that he's a Hottie McHottington.

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