Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday sadness.

Today, I saw the aftermath of a dog that had gotten hit by a car. Alot of people standing around, and a dog with a big, bloody gash on his back left side. He was just laying there. I went around the block because I was stuck behind a parking car, and while I was driving back I called my dog's vet and then Animal Control to see where to bring the dog.

When I got back, the dog and everyone that had been standing around it were gone.

I feel like I should have done more, and I didn't.


Later on, I took a bike ride that was so long - and I am so out of shape - that twice I thought, Dear Lord. I am going to die. Right here. On Damen Avenue.

I didn't, though. Die, that is. And that made me feel a little better.



Sharyn said...

One time I was meeting a friend for a movie. He was usually quite punctual so I thought it was weird when he was late. When he finally arrived he was visibly shaken. On the way to the theater he had just run over, and killed, someone's cat. I'm agnostic, but "there for the grace of god..." or something to that effect.

emily said...

Oh my god, the day I hit a critter is the day I give up my license.

I'm off to go knock on some wood now...