Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Oh Holy Hell, I am falling asleep at work today. I could still be getting over my awesome and utterly exhausting weekend, or it could be from that needless fight that Steve and I had last night for no reason other than we were tired and testy. Actually, I was tired and testy. The argument ended when we fell asleep. Is that a truce?

Really, though, I think I'm double-fisting a
Cherry Zero and my third cup of coffee because my body has begun it's descent into hibernation. As soon as the weather gets slightly warm (50 degrees), the four post-menopausal women and one sweaty man that I work with make an executive decision to turn on the air conditioning in the office. As the only fertile, albeit blue-lipped and goose-bumpy, chick in the bunch, I promptly get voted out, and spend the rest of the summer in sweaters. That person with the tank top layered under a turtleneck? Hi, that's me.

Today is such a Tuesday.

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