Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Apparently - judging by Sharyn's pictorial evidence from this weekend, it is virtually impossible to get a candid shot of me when I'm not suffering from what we call in my family "diarrhea of the mouth:"

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

I may look like I'm not talking in Example 2, but I know I was, because I was yelling to the couple that asked me to take their picture that the light was shining into the camera screen and I couldn't see what I was doing, so most likely the photo was going to be crap. Hey, if I'm going to take a crappy photo, at least I'm going to be up-front and honest about it.

Come on, though. I mean, really. I know for a fact that most times I don't have anything very interesting to say, so who knows what bullshit was flying out from between my lips.


The last few days have involved several almost-naps while at work, and then going home and getting into bed around 8:30, all third-grade style. I think I have a summer cold. Or it could be allergies, since there has been practically no rain and all sorts of little bits of everything are just floating around my person, threatening to take up residence in my nostrils.

So, yeah, can't say that I've been that productive in any facet of my life lately. The plants I spent days planting? They're holding on to a wing and a prayer that Mother Nature might pour some rain on them, because that Bitch that planted them sure as Hell isn't doing it. My friends? I can't even remember their names. Boyfriend? He's just that Guy that happens to have a key to get into my apartment. To drop off the Frosty that I had requested.


This stuff doesn't really get me down, though, because in about a week the family and I are headed off to Wisconsin for
our annual vacation. What do we have planned? Nothing! I might bob around in the pool, ride on the pontoon boat, or go hiking.* Or I'll do none of those things. The vacation is my oyster!

*Forget the hiking part. Last year, we saw four of
these and about 400 of these. I think I'll just sit on the screened-in porch with my OFF! Deep Woods and bear bell, thanks.


jeff said...

ticks are disgusting. you look good in those examples :)

emily said...

Jeffrey - ticks haunt my dreams.

Also, you're crazy.

Sharyn said...

He is not crazy. Well, ok, maybe he is, but you looked very cute in those photos. And as someone who talks a lot herself, I didn't notice anything untoward about your conversational gambits.

Your Wisconsin getaway sounds lovely. I hope it is tick-free. Unless it was like, you know, The Tick. That would be pretty cool.

angela said...

"all third grade style"- tee hee.
i am sooo third grade (except for tonight).