Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Aww holy Hell, did I ever blow my "Try and save money" credo today. It started with just needing something nice to wear to a christening on an Oh, I should probably create an ensemble Oh, those are cute Wow, that purse is really cute. A little while and 300 bucks later, and I'm trying to reign in my inner Lindsay Lohan. Son of a bitch.

Couple that with the money I dropped last night on flowers for the back deck, and oh, I'm going to be saving up money until the end of time.

But I'll look cute doing it. And I'll have a little flower-ful haven in the backyard where I can balance my checkbook and weep about the fact that I will never actually own a house of my own, or pay off that credit card.


SO let's forget about that whole thing I mentioned up there. Instead, let's focus on some things that have me smiling lately:

1. Shit, I almost peed my pants twice at work.

2. Jeffrey's post wherein he goes all Bitchslap on the Helvetica font.

3. Sharyn comes in a day. A DAY. Squee! Now, if I could only make this place look somewhat liveable. She gave me the old, "Oh, you don't have to clean up for me" line in her email today, but Sharyn, really, I don't think you want to kick a pair of Steve's underoos on your way to the bathroom. I mean, at least not on the first day.

And, finally, number 4:

He spent the evening with me at my boss' house for dinner, because in a week we're going to be watching her ball of fluff at our apartment, like we did over Thanksgiving, and we wanted the dogs to mingle* a bit.

*sniff each others' asses.

Moj was such a good boy while he was there tonight. Which is good, because I was getting pretty tanked from my seemingly neverending glass of Carlsberg, so one of us had to Represent.

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Sharyn said...

I'm here! Right now! In Emily's apartment!