Friday, January 5, 2007

Clarification, please.

Today at lunch I went to my favorite coffee shop to get my Yay It's Friday vegan chocolate chip muffin and jasmine green tea. I know it sounds like a horrible combination, but trust me, it is not.

Anyways, the barista behind the counter was this girl I really like, because she always pats Mojo on the head when I tuck him under my arm and take him in the shop when I get my Yay It's Saturday or Yay It's Sunday vegan chocolate chip muffin and coffee. By the way, I can really make any day an excuse to treat myself to a vegan chocolate chip muffin.

Today, though, the barista stared really intently at my face, and then said, "Did you get a new grill?"

What? A grill? I had no idea what she was talking about.

"Umm, no, I didn't," was all I could say.

And then she said, "Oh! Ok. Now, what did you order again? I got so excited that I forgot."


Is grill some sort of hip talk for something on the face? I immediately thought of a grill as in the thing you cook with, but that can't be it. The only slang use of "grill" I know is of the "Yo, stop getting all up in ma' grill, dawg," nature, but I don't think that's what she meant. I thought maybe she was talking about jewelry or something, but there really isn't anything around my face except the occasional pair of earrings, and a teeny-tiny nose ring that half the time I don't even remember I have.

If anyone wants to enlighten me on what the hell she was talking about, that'd be great.

I've only been 26 for three days, and already I feel old and behind the times.


Sharyn said...

Wow, I am totally utterly perplexed. And of absolutely no help to you whatsoever. Sorry.

Happy Belated Birthday too!

Bev said...

Re your note: It breaks my heart too, Emily, because I really love these little guys.

Jeff said...

i think she was referring to your nose ring... i miss you! love your blog, by the way... xo

Shannon said...

Nose ring? I thought grill was something on teeth? Are we all just too yuppie to get this? But wait, she's a barista for chrissake. What's yuppier than that? Did you ever figure this out? By the way, reading your blog is, like, the best way to spend my day. I hope you're not completely freaked out that I love commenting. :) Shannon