Monday, August 6, 2007


I want to know what I bought online that made Delia*s assume a teenager lives at my house. Their catalog came in the mail today, with my name on it. Is it the five boxes of macaroni and cheese that show up on my standing grocery order? Or the fact that I have not one, but now two pairs of rubber shoes?

I don't know, but I don't think any of the models in the catalog were born before 1990. I am ashamed.


This made my day today. Fuck, it made my
week. And it's only Monday. Thanks alot, Erin. It's just downhill from here.


We got Moj shaved this weekend. I don't feel that those photos really do him justice, so I made a little video of him scampering around. Chasing after a laser pointer. We'll call this video "The Laser Always Wins." Alternate title: "I Never Claimed My Dog Had Any Brains."


Speaking of brains, I just walked that dog during a lightning storm. Take that degree back, Illinois, obviously it hasn't been put to
any use.


Shannon said...

Emily! Come up with a plot and start writing your book... maybe something about an intellectual secretary with a sharp wit. You have such a talent. My boyfriend and I are both laughing about your 8 things.

btw Time Traveler's Wife killed me too.

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