Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crack the egg.

Holy crap, yesterday was a day filled with stupid shit, like going to get the nail in my car's back tire taken out, finding out that the tire's a goner, and THEN being told I need A WHOLE NEW SET. Lucky for me, I'm watching some kids this weekend, which should cover the cost of said new tires.

Oh, oh! So I get to the house where the beasts reside, and I notice that the sliding door isn't locking. And, you know, those crappy sliding door locks are so shitty a squirrel could get in without exerting too much effort, so I was sort of nervous to leave it as is. Even though God would have to help the sucker that breaks into a house with four 100+ pound dogs inside - two of which are German Shepherds with aptly frightening German names - a Girl can't be too careful these days. So it was off to the hardware store to pick up some
galvanized steel tubing, with rubber stoppers at each end, which fits perfectly in the space between the inner door and the door frame. Ho HO - try to get in NOW, Murderers!

Anyways, I got everything I needed to handle done, and pretty efficiently, because, come on, that's how I roll. But all this was entirely too much Adult Stuff for me to handle in one day, so I had to spend the rest of it in bed, with the DS, alternating between
games of Sudoku and Cooking Mama. Both of which I'm hooked on again, ever since I gave up playing this, because I pretty much don't remember anything about January, February, March and the beginning of April thanks to that fucking game. Thanks for nothing, Miyamoto.

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