Thursday, August 2, 2007

1,200 pounds? It's just more to love.

I already told Bev this, but the other night I had a dream that I had a polar bear as a pet. It's probably because of this ridiculously adorable little guy, Hudson, who was born at the Brookfield Zoo in December:

Seriously, I could watch him for hours. People have actually left me to go see other exhibits while I stand and watch Hudson.

I'm a dork, I'm cool with it, and I don't mind if it the Internets knows it.

Anyways, in my dream, my cute little bear grew up into a standard, 1,200 pound beast, but I still loved him. Even when he was mauling members of my family, I still felt like possibly, maybe, I could make this pet work with my lifestyle. As the polar bear ate
Moj, I remember thinking, "Well, we'll just need to make sure [the beast munching on my dachshund] is crated during the day."

I suppose we could go ahead and analyze this further, but hey! Let's not.

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