Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So I was rushing around this morning, because the dog needed to be walked. Moj is less of a walker, really, and more of a schlepper. He likes to smell the proverbial roses, you know? Oh, and his legs are 4 inches long. So what I'm really saying is, he's Ass Slow.

But he's pretty cute ambling along, so I deal:

Anyways, in my haste, I forgot to put on deodorant. I smell like a pirate. Or, since I've never really been in close proximity to a pirate, what I feel a pirate would smell like.

In most settings I would think it would be kind of neat to smell like a pirate, but I think I'm offending my coworkers here in the Land of Biz Casz.

Solution? Confinement in the Medical Record Room, with my afternoon
Hooch and a Sudoku puzzle to keep me smelly company.

Really, I'm doing it for the coworkers.

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