Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Internet, I've been ignoring you, like a big, fat jerk. I apologize. Life has been one big wad of Mundaneness that has only been spiked by a few un-mundane things, and I didn't want to bother you with all that.

But, but! Last weekend I went to Napa Valley for a wedding. It was pretty kickass. Steve's uncle is a sommelier, and writes freelance articles around the Chicago area, so he had the "Ins." So now I have to work
"I spent a weekend in a house nestled in a chardonnay field" into EVERY conversation I have for the next year or so.


Let's see...what else...Babe's tumor is still growing rapidly, just like the vet warned. However, she's in a FANTASTIC mood, because she gets to eat whatever she wants. Tuna, various canned kittie food...it's a veritable Terminal Cancer Free-for-All. Which is ok. Let her enjoy it.

Last night, she layed down facing me, and we traded face nuzzles for a couple of minutes. I would nuzzle her nose with my nose, she'd do it back. I'm doing my best not to let any sadness creep in when we have those moments, and just enjoy what a sweetheart she is.


I'm thinking of doing a massive overhaul of my apartment this season. You know, maybe paint the walls something other than white, maybe hang something, possibly get curtains that actually fit....hoo-ee, the possibilities. Although home decorating is going to cut waaay into my 2.5 alotted hours of
DS time, I guess I can make the sacrifice.


Finally: it's October. Halloween. Woo! I'm pretty sure my costume is going to rock this year. May not be as cool as the year I went as a Notary Public, but it will be up there.


jeff said...

a notary public? that's so hip i don't know if it can be topped. sorry about babe. that's sad to read...

i get back in just 31 sleeps! woo! let's schedule some dinners and drinks and stuff because it's going to go by so fast and seeing you just once is a bit sad.

Michael said...


Holy Flurkin schnit, this is utterly ridiculuth, I can't believe this is you! Ha! Uh, I haven't seen or heard from you since college, which seems like ages and eons ago...Shit... it's your favorite old jewish friend, Michael! What the hell is up!?

Email me you crazy redhead! mookiiandsoupy@gmail.com