Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Charge 'er up.

Today, as we left the apartment, Homeless Guy Next Door was plugging his phone charger into the outdoor plug on the house, right next to my door.

"Oh, it's ok," he said, "[My landlord] knows that I do this."

Steve and I just sort of nodded and walked away.

Steve verbalized what we were both thinking once we got in the car, which is that we could care less that Homeless Guy is using the electricity that, through a (wonderful) fluke, we don't even pay for. What's more interesting about this situation is that he has a cell phone. Am I out of the loop? Do most homeless people have cell phones? Cellphones that need to be charged? Using an electrical outlet, which would be located.....in a home?

1 comment:

panajane said...

I would be so aggravated witht he homeless dude. Seriously. But maybe I am bitchy that way.