Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh, man.

I signed up for this today:

I want to see if I can really do it. I can't commit to anything. I am wishy-washy. To put it more frankly, I would rather play Dr. Mario than commit my innermost feelings to my blog. That said, there are so many lovely people on the Internets. Also,
Bev is like one of my personal heroes, and she's been writing EVERY DAY for something like 7 years. Seriously, every day I read the Chicago Tribune online, CNN, and then I read Bev. So Bev, I'm dedicating my NaBloPoMo participation to you. If I fail and fall off the NaBloPoMo bandwagon, the next time I am in the Davis area* I will buy you a cup of Peet's coffee.

*Which, you know, is sort of a hike from Chicago, so I better not F*** this NaBloPoMo thing up.


The Halloween Party was a gas. Thanks to everyone who came. Except Cene, whose Carrot Top costume is going to be at the center all of my nightmares FOR THE NEXT YEAR, AT LEAST. Thanks for nothing, man.


jeff said...

new zealand might get more vacation days from work, but their holidays suck compared to america

panajane said...

I signed up for NaBloPoMo as well, although the first three days I will be somewhere in the North of Chile exploring valleys with my classmates so odds are, I won't be very vigilant with my blogging. It will still be interesting to see if I can commit to writing every day. Odds are, I won't. Defeatist and it hasn't even started yet!