Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poor Babe.

Babe got her tumor biopsied today.

I felt funny adding photos of Babe with her tumor to the photo set I have of her on Flickr. Here's this set of Babe, right, and oh here, look: that's the tumor that might be cancerous and kill her. At the same time, though, it makes me feel better. Like maybe people will swap their kitty tumor stories with me and it'll make me feel a little less guilty/sad/powerless. Or something.

Sigh. I don't fucking know.


styro said...

*hug* It's not your fault. It is a freak accident, no different than any of the other freak accidents that kill our pets. It sucks, and it's totally unfair, but it is NOT your fault. kisses and head scritches for Babe.

Geeka said...

My cat has very fast growing tumors of fat. He's 22 lbs, and they catch in his brush.

The first couple of times he got them biopsied, he looked like he got attacked by a toddler with scissors.

My thoughts are with you. Good luck to Babe, at least she knew love during her life.

Sharyn said...

Oh honey. I sent you an email this morning before I saw this. My thoughts are with you.

My favorite cat of all time, Jasmine, had a fast growing tumor in her belly at the age of 14. It came out of nowhere. She toughed it out for a few months, but it was rough.