Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So I don't know when my plan for tonight to "eat healthy and work out" morphed into "eat hawaiian salad for dinner and play DS on the couch," but I feel like Greater Beings were at work making this change. And whoever they are forgot to drop me the memo, until it was too late and all of my energy to do anything had been sucked out of my body through my nifty little stylus.

I will now slightly redeem myself by going and reading a book. And laying on the bed.

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sharyn said...

This is why I have been so conflicted. The little man's birthday is next Saturday. He loves to play my ex's DS, but I just know if I got him one of his own it would be terrible. He wouldn't do anything else - interact with other humans, do his homework, etc. But I do understand the appeal.