Monday, July 2, 2007

Another excuse for why I am just too busy to go and finish that grad degree.

My back deck summer garden:

(click on any of the photos to get to the Flickr set.)

Ah well. At least I have a pretty little space where I can sit and over-analyze what the hell I should be doing with my life.


Lucy Goosey the Crazy Yorkie is staying with us again, starting tonight and (I think) for the rest of the week. She has been mentioned
here before, but no amount of mentioning can fully flesh out how crazy she actually is.

Perhaps a video from her last stay with us will help.

Mojo's quality of life is about to improve by like 500% with Lucy being here; Babe's is about to plummet into the negatives. Oh well. Someone in the apartment has to take the fall.


If I don't get to you beforehand, Happy Fourth of July, Internet. Is it scheduled to rain in your area, like it's supposed to in Chicago? Must be the work of some terrorists.

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