Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Please turn in by Saturday, 11:59 P.M. CST.

You know what's totally bogus? Online college courses, that make up for the fact that you don't have to go to the actual class by giving you the most redundant, totally un-applicable busy work EVER. I mean, we're talking work on par with that stuff you did for that freshman year anthro class you just took to get some credits out of the way. You know, the one with the Chinese professor who droned on and on inaudibly, and pretended to ignore when students would raise their hand to ask a question? Yeah, it's like that.

You know what's awesome? Getting drunk at a wedding with live fish centerpieces, and
taking home four fishies for yourself.


giddygirlie said...

YES! For one of my online classes there was an assignment (worth points!) in which you had to introduce yourself on the message board and tell 5 things about you or whatever, and then you had to COMMENT on 3 other people's posts. Really? REALLY? And all the rest of the class was self-quizzes that I finished in week 3 and sat back and relaxed for the other 13 weeks. DUMB!

krissy said...

i always think taking home as many centerpieces and anything else that isn't nailed down from weddings is a good idea. that is until i wake up the next morning and realize i now just have more crap and nowhere to put it.

emily said...

I think the same thing! Stuff as much shit in your purse as you can. This past wedding I went to, in Detroit, I took home two hostas that were the centerpieces, and gave one to my sister and one to my mom. I'm gifting centerpieces now.