Monday, July 7, 2008

And now, a public service announcement.

To my fellow bicycle riders in Chicago (and anywhere else, for that matter): please, please wear a helmet. You never know when something like this might happen.

You don't need to wear a big, baby blue one like, oh,
some of us, but wear SOMETHING.

Be proud, not embarrassed! Because you are saving your precious head. If you have ever read up on
traumatic brain injury, or worked with victims of TBI, like my friend Jenny did, then you know how important it is to protect your brain.

I mentioned this in my comment to
Lisa. This actually happened to me:

"The other day a hipster wearing only a sweatband around his head laughed at my Big Blue Helmet as I rode past him. Guess what, hipster? Your stupid, ironic sweatband won't do jack shit when your cranium meets curb, buddy."


If you DO like my big, blue helmet (and maybe have a smaller head, so your helmet won't be a ginormous beacon like mine - the guy at the bike store said, "Oh, I doubt you need a large," to which I said, "Oh, I assure you, I do"), you can find it
here. It's the Pryme 8, and while I don't see baby blue as an option anymore (huh!), there are some other fabulous colors.

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