Friday, April 18, 2008

Get cool, boooooy.

So I've been taking the dogs on these epic walks, right into the thick of things in Wicker Park, to try to get them to be more socialized when a dog goes by. Which, in a large metropolitan city, is once every 5 seconds. Anyway, I've realized that I've taught them not to bark by using the words "Be cool, be cool." Apparently, I am training my dogs not to bark, while at the same time teaching them how to make it in a West Side Story gang.


Last night, we went for margaritas at

I ended up like this:

Damn margaritas and their ability to make you not feel your feet.


Sharyn Morrow said...


giddygirlie said...

It's not until I am walking my cats in public (yes!) that I realize how many names I have for them and how ridiculous I sound. I probably should be locked in the house.

"Ruckus, come here buddy! Come here doodle! Aw, come on Boogie! Mister Fart Face, let's go!"

"Monkey Mome, let's go! Come on chunky chomes! Mister Caca can we go inside now?"

emily said...

Ha! I call both of my dogs my "Best Logs," because, well, they're sort of log-like. So there's alot of "C'mon, Best Logs!" going on. I'm sure some people wonder if they heard right.

soapy t said...

do you ever go el barco, the place on ashland that looks like a boat. is it even still there. it was delicious. it's times like these when i miss chicago.

emily said...

It's still there! What did you have there? Because my man and I went once, and he ordered the halibut, and it came out on a two-pronged spike, like it had just been stuck on to it and then shoved in the fryer. It still had eyes and everything. It was a pretty horrible experience. What do you recommend?

yeahdog said...

Hah, next you need to teach them how to do that tough-looking snapping/walking thing as they go down the street.

soapy t said...

i recommed the margaritas.