Friday, April 4, 2008

I owe the Chicago Public Library ninety dollars.

Just now, I was writing an email to my friend Jeff about books we've read, and while I was doing this, my brain said to itself, "Gosh, I wish they had something like Netflix for books."

And then my brain thought about it, and then went, "Oh good Lord. That's what a library is."

I was appalled that my brain had this monologue with itself. Even more appalling, though, was that I found out that there actually
is such a thing.


yeahdog said...

Looks like I'm out of a job!

soapy t said...

i thought that a book thing like netflix was a great idea as well and then after researching it i realized all my ideas are someone else's.

emily said...

Holy shit, I did the SAME THING. I mean after the embarrassment over the whole library thing subsided.