Monday, January 14, 2008


So did any of you watch the Golden Globes winners announcement? How completely lame. The only thing that was remotely interesting and humorous was watching Billy Bush's face right after he'd tell a joke or make a witty quip that wasn't remotely funny, nor witty. This look of dread would come over his face, like he had just then realized that he was on live television, and that, oh my God, there were no writers to make him even remotely funny.

Also, this stupid format went by so fast that we only caught about half of the winners they announced, so we had to immediately load the list of winners on the old compooper after the show ended.

Basically, we just wanted to make double-sure that Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor in a Drama for "There Will Be Blood." Sorry, Johhny, but your
Sweeney Todd is going to get completely SMOKED by DDL's Daniel Plainview, once we get real and lump "comedies and musicals" back together with everything else, come Oscar time.


This afternoon, when I came in from walking the dogs, I noticed that I had run out of the usual after-pooping reward of baby carrots, so I had to switch it up on my pooches, and give them a Saltine each.

I know it sounds like I'm the worst dog parent EVER, but I can't give my dogs regular dog treats because their weight needs to be constantly, obsessively monitored. The slightest weight gain, and I get balled out by their vet, because weight gain in dachshunds can lead to back problems. Back problems could then lead to them possibly slipping a disc, and in the worst-case scenario, they will lose the feeling in their back legs completely.

Anyways, back to the Saltines. Moj and Mox took the Saltines so excitedly. And while I was watching this completely unabashed excitement, I tacked that moment on to my list of 3,587,944 Reasons Why Being A Dog Is Better Than Being A Human. They were soooo excited about Saltines, man. That is some hardcore Quality of Life right there.

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Geeka said...

my dog gets baby carrots when I give the guinea pig some. They eat them at the same rate (the pig munches till done, the dog gets carrot bits all over and then does her nose vacuum thing for the rest), but what they do after is great: they give each other kisses. The dog sticks her nose into the pig cage, and the pig comes over and licks her nose all over. It's all like: I'm finished, I want my kisses!