Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A couple things:

1. Last night in the Target parking lot, we pulled up behind a guy whose license plate read "MOJASM." I immediately began ripping my purse apart to find my camera, until Steve wisely pointed out that a guy that has a MOJASM vanity plate probably isn't the sort of guy you want to possibly catch you taking a picture of their car. Wise man, Steve is.

2. I ordered some stuff online from Old Navy a few days ago, pretty much ONLY because I have a shopping problem and it's been slow at work. Anyways, very minimal damage was done because Old Navy was having RIDICULOUS sales, and the package came in the mail today. Although, when I opened it up, my
two sweaters were there, but the cute little shoes that were supposed to be in there weren't. No, instead, there was a pair of KID'S BLACK COTTON SHORTS. What? I didn't just get the wrong shoe, I got the wrong PRODUCT. Anywho, I called Customer Service, they fixed it right away and my shoes are headed here, and they even gave me a 10% discount coupon. The representative asked me if I wanted to use the 10% on getting something else right then, or save it. I told her SAVE IT, because between this situation and having to haggle for WEEKS with the post office to surrender my Christmas gift from my boss to me, I am DONE with ordering shit on the Intarwebs for a while. And by a while, I mean until probably this weekend, because I reallyreallyreally need that GorillaPod.

3. A chick at work sent this
YouTube video of the 16-year old Cajun music wunderkind Hunter Hayes performing with Hank Williams, Jr. about 10 years ago. Sadly, though, I have to say that instead of being all, "Wow, that little kid plays a mean accordian," I instead spent most of the time watching and admiring Hank Jr.'s sweet cowboy boots. I guess once the cowboy-boot fever gets a hold of you, you never go back.

I'm more out than Seacrest.


Robot Dancers said...

I have some hybrid cowboy/just about knee high boots.

I completely understand the love of boots.

I'm also highly amused by the LOLKitteh on your page.

Buffy said...

Dude, those are some pretty hot boots.