Friday, November 17, 2006

almost deleted.

So after posting my first post yesterday afternoon, I totally freaked out and decided that starting up a blog was a really bad idea. Here were my reasons:

1. I’m pretty sure that I may think way, way too much than what’s good for me. And half the time the stuff that I’m thinking about is so boring that I myself get bored, I can’t imagine what it’s doing to you fine folks out there on the Internet. Or it’s Emily-Specific, and for those of you who aren’t Emily, you’d be all like, “Wha?”

2. Every time I sit down to write anything, whether it’s on a computer or on paper, every hint of an idea I might have had goes directly out the window. Which I was afraid would lead to a lot nonsensical jabbering as I tried to remember what the hell I really wanted to write about.

3. I am on my period, and I am completely and totally irrational. If you don’t think that’s a viable reason, send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with my boyfriend Steve, and he can tell you how his evening went last night, around the time I was deciding to delete this blog, and you will then most likely shut up.

But then I spent a good chunk of my workday today not doing what I should, and read my daily reads, many of whom I’ve been reading since I got a computer sophomore year of college (2000) and needed something to do other than work on schoolwork that actually needed to be done. That’s pretty much what college was for me, by the way – honing my fine art of Misguided Priority Management.

Well, when I was reading these daily reads I realized that I do love reading about other peoples’ lives, because it’s nice to know that there are people out there who are going through the same hills and valleys that day-to-day life throws at us. It makes me realize that I’m not just a Crazy who sometimes screams things to herself like “OH MY GOD, IF I HAVE TO WASH ONE MORE F’ING DISH OR CLEAN THE BATHROOM ONE MORE F’ING TIME, I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GOING TO LOSE IT.” We’re all dealing with stuff like this, I like to think, and for many people one way to deal with it is to make something interesting out of these activities, like posting a blog about That Particular Time The Dishes Were Washed (although I promise to keep my Dishwashing Posts to a minimum). That, then, makes the times when something actually awesome happens that much more awesome, you know?

Today though, there is not much that is very exciting going on. I am counting down the minutes until this work week is over, and then I’m going to relax most of the weekend, aside from 2 parties on Saturday night, and the Bears game on Sunday morning. Oh, and having to take my dog to the vet to begin the hopefully short and sweet process leading up to Snipping Off His Balls. For effect, I should probably add an adorable photo of him here, so I will.

Lately he’s been Struttin’ His Stuff, and acting like Mr. Cool, Suave and Confident, mixed with a little Mr. Ferocious if you get on his nerves. Being that he’s a 10 pound Dachshund, it’s hard to not laugh at all this, and instead try to focus on the fact that perhaps he’s turning into a bit of a Pain in the Ass. I’m not entirely sure why the owner that he came from didn’t take care of this problem long ago, because he’s already 3. I don't know about you, but I watched my Humane Society commercials as a kid and knew to turn your pets into Its when they were relatively young, but To Each Their Own, I guess. Maybe she enjoyed the sight of his wee little nuts when he rolled over on his back. I didn’t know her personally, so that’s a question that will, sadly, go forever unanswered.

Have a good weekend, any of you reading this, and we will catch up soon, eh?

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